About Company

One Lash is an innovative company that has surpassed other competitors in the false eyelash industry.

Our company has a dedicated team of Style Designers equipped with extensive research on different eye shapes. We strive to make each pair of eyelashes beautiful and outstanding. Leading developments on a variety of false eyelashes, including 3D, 6D and 9D distinctive styles setting them apart from existing styles on the market. The styles are divided into a spectrum of effects ranging from Natural to Dramatic. Our unique designs are created to compliment each customer to find a style that suits any occasion.

One Lash sourced worldwide to find the highest quality silk and mink as ingredients. We manufacture all our products and each pair is handmade and trimmed to customize the individual styles. The specialized hot roll technology creates an accurate alignment with the curvature of the eye and the natural curl of the eyelashes. Whether silk or mink, every selection is soft and comfortable to wear.

With attention to the finest details, our manufacturing process includes 24-hour UV disinfection. The soft band feels completely natural and easy to wear. Although lightweight, they are more durable and maintain their structure compared to other commercial eyelashes. Our Silk Eyelashes allow for approximately 10-15 uses, Mink Eyelashes can be used on average 15-25 times with proper care.

Our mission is to empower women with an extra boost of confidence. We believe that once you wear our lashes, you will discover a new essential for your makeup routine.